Boggle The Penguin

Meet Boggle, South Pole Software’s wide eyed and eager new intern. Boggle joined us recently while on a quest for Artic discovery. He set out some time ago from his tiny iceberg to discover the chilly wonders of the south, seeking adventure and knowledge. Expecting to meet polar bears and other penguins and to see ancient and beautiful ice formations, imagine his surprise when he came upon the igloo home of Mac software writers!
Boggle was more than just a little intrigued. No one on his little iceberg had ever told him about igloos or computers! So he stuck around. We noticed his curiosity about us right away because all of our penguin neighbors usually stayed away from our igloo windows. So we decided to have him in for cocoa and oh the stories he told us! What adventures he had had so far with wonderful animals, beautiful landscapes, and all the different foods! He was loving it but he was a little lonely, and until he met us his adventure had been exciting but without surprise. We told him about all the places our South Pole Software customers live and about the programs that we write to help them and his eyes got even wider!

After several days of getting together for chats, not only did we realize what amazing cocoa he made but, we realized he had quite a knack for programming. So, we asked if he would like to stick around and an internship was born!

Boggle has settled into our team very nicely. But we want to make sure that his quest for adventure and knowledge stays fresh. So if you would like to send Boggle an email and tell him about what it is like where you live, or maybe send him your favorite cocoa recipe he would love it.

Here is his email address: [email protected]

Boggle was developed by Foomandoonian and is used with his kind permission. You can read more about his creation at his website.