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Introducing iVI 4.0

iVI 4.0

iVI 4.0 represents about three years work here at South Pole Software. Thanks for all of our loyal customers who have continued to use iVI 3.x through that time. We're excited about the new features in iVI 4.0 but even more excited about the platform it represents to allow us to add the features users need over the the years to come. iVI requires OS X 10.11 or macOS 10.12 as we've built it using the latest frameworks available.

New Features

  • Convert to h.265 for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra

  • Hardware acceleration for faster h.264 video conversion

  • Add your own target devices like Android Phones or Home Media Players

  • Blend show and movie meta-data from multiple sources like iTunes and TVDB

  • Automatically download subtitles from OpenSubtitles and SubDB

  • Improved support for h.265 source files

  • User can select between a new poster view or updated detailed view of added files

  • Closed Caption subtitle support when importing a DVD

  • Many user requested enhancements such as:
    • Time saving enhancements on DVD Import
    • Ability to select file extension from m4v or mp4
    • New rules

iVI 4.0 is a Paid Update

iVI 4.0 is our first paid upgrade in seven years. Many of our loyal customers have written in asking if there is some way they can help support our work and upgrading to iVI 4.0 is the best way to do that. We understand that some users will feel that all upgrades should be free but we hope that most will see seven years of updates on the prior version as good value for the $10 we've always charged. We wanted to offer upgrade pricing but many of you have experienced issues with our old license provider eSellerate so we've moved to a new system in iVI 4.0 that's under our control so we can ensure you don't run into new issues in the future.

iVI Pro v4.0 for
OS X 10.11 or later

iVI 4.0 Release Notes

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Frederick Van Johnson

"iVI makes adding video files to your Mac iTunes library as simple as drag and drop..."
- Frederick Van Johnson

Review by Mark McElroy

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